The Spirit to maintain as we reminisce upon our recent celebrations and anticipate our upcoming New Year =) What is gratitude and why is it necessary to express our gratitude? Gratitude is the sentiment of being appreciative and it is necessary to express our gratitude to contribute to the enlightening experience of life and loveContinue reading “Gratitude”


    What is respect and why is it a valuable characteristic to possess? To have respect is to demonstrate a sense of worth for the things within our realm of existence.  Respect is a valuable characteristic to possess because it reflects our level of appreciation and self-worth. When respect is mutually shared in aContinue reading “Respect”


  What is a relationship and what can it present to our lives? A relationship is a mutual connection between spirits. A relationship can represent a foundation of love and a venue of safety that is trusted and endorses our lives with meaning. There can be many roles to accept in a single relationship andContinue reading “Relationships”


What is a family and why is a grounded sense of family beneficial for life? Family is a basic social unit that consists of parents and their children. A grounded sense of family is beneficial for life because it represents a foundational support that perseveres through the journey of life. Members of a family willContinue reading “Family”


  What is courtesy and how is it an importance for relationships? Courtesy is a demonstration of respectful behavior that generates a loving impartiality that welcomes new relations. Courtesy in a relationship expresses a common understanding that is founded by respect and has the power to withstand the evolution a relationship endures. Acceptance of theContinue reading “Courtesy”