Working Will Feel True When Its Purpose is Recognized by You

 “Working for another will not feel true until you’ve recognized its purpose for you.” Every individual strives to establish a purpose that will provide their life with a constant motivation. Even though an objective is bred individually, acceptance of help from an outer source is inevitable for the journey. The desire is to achieve andContinue reading “Working Will Feel True When Its Purpose is Recognized by You”

Ignorance Is Not Due to Inexperience

Knowledge and experience doesn’t constitute an individual’s level of intelligence, they are factors in life that reinforce the unique gifts that an individual possesses. Curiosity, questions and scattered thoughts derived from a child doesn’t indicate a lack of intelligence, it demonstrates their ability to think and their interest to learn. A solid belief that aContinue reading “Ignorance Is Not Due to Inexperience”

Embrace the Reality that Feels Anew

Memories of what used to be  While maintaining what needs to be  Visions of what could be  But remaining conscious for reality    Don’t allow past fears to interfere  Progress before it disappears  Decipher then and now  Possibilities are still endless, somehow    Venture forward with confidence  Do it for your existence  Discover what’s for you Continue reading “Embrace the Reality that Feels Anew”

What is Religion?

Religion is a set of beliefs and practices concerning the nature and purpose of the universe. A religious community is comprised of an assortment of individuals who participate in a shared principle. Religion can be perceived as a gateway of learning for individuals inclined to explore their spirituality. There will never be a single religionContinue reading “What is Religion?”

With Respect, You Will Always Proceed

The many things that we can say But to our beliefs, they are astray For words are there to express But, also used as a way to repress   Try your best to have your beliefs show Unto others, allow it all to bestow For it will be your way to inform And prevent anyContinue reading “With Respect, You Will Always Proceed”