Lack of Freedom

It felt like a transition where humans lacked freedom, I believe humans are being warned for taking freedom for granted. We can’t continue to pretend that we rule the world, With greed to possess, we can’t continue to be enchanted. It’s time to stop denying that we’re part of Nature, Don’t ignore that what weContinue reading “Lack of Freedom”

We are Sharing in the Life That Sustains

Under your branches, -Amidst the singing leaves- I am cooled by your shadow As we share our breath. I am taking from you, As you are giving to me, We are sharing in the life that sustains. Divinity starts within your roots, -Shared in the air that surrounds- I am enchanted by your beauty AndContinue reading “We are Sharing in the Life That Sustains”

Individual Respect

Inspired by 2 Albert Einstein quotes: “Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.” “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.” Everyone should be respected as an individual Doing what they do when they can Recognized for who they are, Not on what they do. No one should notContinue reading “Individual Respect”

Southern Wave

Beneath water waves Eyes of Life beneath, peeking Amazing beauty Creatures that share Mother Earth Companions of Life Filled with wonder to survive Share compassion all around. This painting, Southern Wave, by Theresa Hardjana, inspired me to think of the wildlife in our oceans. I’ve never explored these waters but I love to imagine theContinue reading “Southern Wave”