Forgiveness isn’t only a choice when we face betrayal from another person, it is an art that needs consistent practice to develop love, patience and understanding. Nobody will receive everything they desire in life, but with forgiveness, disappointments are released to be receptive to what life is offering. Forgiveness isn’t only performed for another person, it’s toContinue reading “Forgiveness”


What is acceptance and how is it a fundamental action for the Journey of Life? Acceptance is the art of receiving, an individual’s choice to authorize the gifts life offers. It is a fundamental action in the Journey of Life because development will only proceed when circumstances are explored to reach a concurrence. An individualContinue reading “Acceptance”

The Best of the Best

What does it mean to be the best of the best?   Every individual possesses unique capabilities that accentuate their person. People desire to express themselves and share their skills. To be considered the best at a single skill doesn’t conclude that improvements are inessential, it states that a single stage is completed and new stagesContinue reading “The Best of the Best”