Have Faith It Becomes

Don’t claim control, Let nature take its course to grow, Have faith it becomes. I wrote this haiku at a time I felt confused as a mother and uncertain as a person. In times of uncertainty and parenting, the temptation to claim control feels like a lifeline. Though feeling unsafe, it’s important to respect nature’sContinue reading “Have Faith It Becomes”


What is patience and why is it a beneficial trait to possess in life? Patience is a willingness to persevere through adversity diligently. It is a beneficial trait to possess in life because it is an expression of one’s comprehension of their domination over life and their determination to develop. Patience is a tremendous assetContinue reading “Patience”

Fail to Succeed as You

Caught in the hype with enthusiasm Charged with belief and love Running towards a mystic dream Attempting to abandon reality Opening the door to what’s true Disappointment awakens in spasms Subtle messages from up above Life is not as it should seem It’s time to accept actuality Discover what Life intended for you No pointContinue reading “Fail to Succeed as You”