But I Know that You are Hurting

I see venom in your eyes, I see tension in your fists And I feel your walls erecting. -But I know that you are hurting- I feel condemned by your words, I feel motivation to turn the other way And I see no hope in your being. -But I know that you are hurting- IContinue reading “But I Know that You are Hurting”

You Are Not Alone in Your Loneliness

I love how Jonny speaks of how sharing on the internet is a way to express ourselves, learn about others and realize how similar and connected we all are. We never know where we, or our work, are meant to land but to post and share is a way to maintain our connection to ourContinue reading “You Are Not Alone in Your Loneliness”

True Love Requires Understanding

It’s sad to hear you say that you understand, Only to have you turn away when I bare my soul. It’s sad that you can’t feel my call for help, To have you try to mend me as if I were another. ~True love requires understanding~ I won’t feel guilty when you think I turnContinue reading “True Love Requires Understanding”

Ways to be Together

I posted this poem five years ago and after looking back on the past year, I’m inspired to share it again because loving relationships have helped me to persevere, even with some isolation. There are many ways to be together And with love, you will be forever Many things will try to pull you apartContinue reading “Ways to be Together”

Support Your Integrity withActivity

“If justice is what you wish to pursue then start by becoming an example through you.” Eddie strives to become a loving individual so that he can have comfortable relationships that are constant, without worry. Since a young age, Edward has been friends with his neighbors Billy, John and Craig, and they were lucky toContinue reading “Support Your Integrity withActivity”