Love Will Continue Trying

Maddened am I when you appear maddened Confused spirits, your response is confused Saddened is all when your ways are saddened Refused by myself, you all but refused Darkness ascends as your love’s in darkness Hope fades as there’s no more light to fuel hope Wholeness is lost in the search for wholeness Scope ofContinue reading “Love Will Continue Trying”

A Relationship

Inspired by the definition that a relationship is a connection, association, or involvement. A relationship is built in every action performed From the duties we complete, The appreciation expressed, To become the love, we choose to share. To become the love we choose to share, It grows from the involvement we contribute. From the dutiesContinue reading “A Relationship”

Parenting is Long-Term

No matter the stresses of today, parenting is long-term Despite the success seen today, parenting is long-term Respect what your instincts say in the now Though each situation is distinct, parenting is long-term Accept the turbulent journey For it reaps excellent rewards, parenting is long-term Celebrate whenever they achieve It gives reason to believe and,Continue reading “Parenting is Long-Term”