Together, We are Children

A guardian I am to thee, A star of hope you are to me. Together, we are children Striving to be the best we can be; Our love is our unity. We are unique separately, We both shine magnificently. Together, we are children, Representing a fun simile, Companions on two journeys. -Together, we are children-Continue reading “Together, We are Children”

A Partner

They aren’t an attachment They’re not there for completion They mustn’t always agree They aren’t assigned to always be by your side ~A partner ~ They are an extension in which to join They offer opportunity to work together They disagree so you both grow They stand beside you to lend support I remember growingContinue reading “A Partner”

Love is a Force That Will Enlighten

Enjoy watching your love bloom For it has the power to consume Any darkness that lingers around And transform it into a friendship found All things can be possible And your belief is plausible Love is a force that will enlighten A great light that will help to brighten Wondrous love paired with patience WillContinue reading “Love is a Force That Will Enlighten”