Life is Found in Loving Me

I’m forty-two and I grow younger every day. Every year that passes delivers experience, The weight of uncertainty growing lighter with acceptance, Freedom is found in being me. I go slow to appreciate more, Searching, while understanding that not everything goes my way. I flow with the changes that happen every day, Joy is foundContinue reading “Life is Found in Loving Me”

Every Progression is Like a Seizure

As I reflect on my recovery, I think about how every bit of progress can stumble me to question what’s happening. Piecing my past and reality together, progression reminds me of the seizures I had. Obviously very different in nature and speed, but similar in how they throw me off the course I think IContinue reading “Every Progression is Like a Seizure”

The Art of Believing

The art of believing isn’t only about having belief, it’s also about maintaining our belief amidst whatever life throws our way. Dedication demonstrated to our belief builds our bond with it and gives room for the belief to be part of us. Believe first Flow with adversity Make time to touch base with your beliefsContinue reading “The Art of Believing”


What is determination and how does it assist a person to proceed in life? Determination is a conviction a person holds for an ambition. A spirit that requires continuous loyalty to uphold its potential for durability. Determination assists a person to proceed in life because it is a focused motivation that inspires action. With anContinue reading “Determination”