October, Month of Wet and Dry

For the month of October, I’ve chosen the contrast of wet and dry as the theme of the month because I feel that this is the month when we let go of the dry Summer heat and transition into new moisture levels to accommodate the changing season. When I think of wet, I relate moistureContinue reading “October, Month of Wet and Dry”

Mindful Potion

Ever dreamt of being a witch making a potion to cure your stress? Well, kick up your imagination and make it true. Become the mindful witch that intends to heal with a mixture that you love to savor. First, choose a drink of choice to enjoy and start gathering the ingredients for your merry concoction.Continue reading “Mindful Potion”

A Story that Has Just Begun

Don’t tell a story that has just begun It’s purpose, not yet clear It’s beauty, not yet transparent Wonder to discover keeps it mystical Don’t assume to know the direction of a tale It’s message, a whisper It’s reward, slowly forming An experience in which to feel Before my brain surgery and stroke, I didn’tContinue reading “A Story that Has Just Begun”


What is balance and why is it considered important for living? Balance, a foundational understanding for life that conveys the importance of equilibrium in life. Balance serves to alleviate the strains that extremities may cause and inspires moderation. Through the option of exploring another side, the practice to find balance within your life assists toContinue reading “Balance”