Accepting Truth and Embracing Reality

When I first started to recover from my stroke, I didn’t want to allow myself to believe that my disability would prevent me from my dreams. At the time, I hadn’t realized the full truth of my being. I was still believing in the illusion that a life without epilepsy meant that I could beContinue reading “Accepting Truth and Embracing Reality”


Positivity isn’t about being immediate to shut off or alter negative thoughts because how would the positive be recognized without a full picture? In my updated opinion, I believe positivity is about slowing down in hardship to embrace what is. When the situation feels overwhelming, then positivity is a conscious choice to step back toContinue reading “Positivity”

Lack of Freedom

It felt like a transition where humans lacked freedom, I believe humans are being warned for taking freedom for granted. We can’t continue to pretend that we rule the world, With greed to possess, we can’t continue to be enchanted. It’s time to stop denying that we’re part of Nature, Don’t ignore that what weContinue reading “Lack of Freedom”

What is recognition?

What is re-cognition? Why do we crave it and turn away from it when received? Recognition is re- knowing, a definition I heard Jean Houston share in a discussion about embracing conscious evolution. She described how recognition makes us face what we already know, and I was enlightened to understand why I lived my youthContinue reading “What is recognition?”

Silence is Patience in Observation

Though our world teaches us that immediate action is success and conviction, I find that to be a false illusion. Reactive responses are filled with fear and uncertainty and leads to more mishaps if time isn’t accepted to absorb what is and determine where we stand. In times when accomplishments rush our way, it’s easyContinue reading “Silence is Patience in Observation”