Waking From a Dream

Have you ever had a dream that you’ve held onto but didn’t realize it existed? Last week, I had an intense week of self-discovery and I found the dream that made my denial of brain damage so strong.  When I was eleven, I was a gymnast and I loved soaring through the air on theContinue reading “Waking From a Dream”

Understand That It is Enough

What is in the need for perfection? Or the strife in having to make an extra effort? How does one lose sight of the struggles to appreciate? Understand that it is enough.   What’s the point of needing more? Or the joy in expecting from others? How does one lose sight of the abilities theyContinue reading “Understand That It is Enough”

Acceptance of Truth

Getting Personal on dVerse Realizations shock me with the truth I see myself struggling with one side Trying hard to be like everyone else Using the resources I had Bringing passed years into the light Memories flash quickly through my head Concentration and efforts always there Progression slow but always sure Many efforts I have overlookedContinue reading “Acceptance of Truth”