Freckle our Paths with Life

On hot days when humidity rises,  We stare at paths adorned by sunlight.  Patiently waiting for clouds to hover,  Never certain if they’ll release their tears,  Yet feeling hopeful and parched.  “Shower down on us!”  We beg the sky.  “Freckle our paths with life!”    A Quadrille submitted to dVerse with the prompt to useContinue reading “Freckle our Paths with Life”

Cleansed of Sorrows

As the rain showers down Let your sorrows drown For there’s hope for new light When the sun’s ready to shine bright   Cleanse your heart of what’s bad Be open and glad It’s time to start anew So you’ll no longer feel askew   Absorb the moisture in Feel strength from within For you’llContinue reading “Cleansed of Sorrows”