To Move with New Force

A slumber my spirit did need  As the hype of wanting rose  Buried under what ifs and maybes  In Winter, my spirit froze  To see the hope and hear new beginnings  I aim to move with new force  In celebration with merriment, not remorse    A quadrille of 44 words submitted to dVerse using theContinue reading “To Move with New Force”

Fear of Extinction

Fear of extinction,  As the ways of humanity catch up.  We wish to care  But change is a scare.    Time to let go of ego,  Give back to the greater good.  To all of nature, humans have no distinction;  Intelligence alone won’t erase extinction.    At dVerse, Linda prompted us to use the wordContinue reading “Fear of Extinction”

Voice of Love

Droplets of care  Are kind, wise words shared,  They nurture and root to make you aware.    Not thunder to scare,  A whisper to help you dare,  The supportive voice that cares.    Nourishment without flare,  The solution in all affairs,  Voice of love that’s bare.    A Quadrille submitted to dVerse using the wordContinue reading “Voice of Love”