Faith is Individuality

Faith is individuality. It’s rooted in our soul, comparable to no other and proven only to our self.  Faith isn’t a religion or culture to follow and it isn’t only bound by acts of love. I believe that faith is individuality. Faith is a spiritual belief in who we are with confidence in the purposeContinue reading “Faith is Individuality”

Find the Faith Within You

Regardless the reactions The purpose still exists It is a part of your person Even if all others choose to resist   It may feel intimidating The intent still calling A venture to endeavor One that will personally be enthralling   Know the reason within yourself Find the faith within you It never remains aContinue reading “Find the Faith Within You”

You Have the Potentiality, Just Recognize Your Ability

  Every person is born with the potential to be a unique individual with a different motivation to complete within their life. A person knows what is tangible for their person but without a conviction to maintain it, the freedom to recognize their personal abilities and acquire their potentiality disappears. Plausible intentions awakens in everyContinue reading “You Have the Potentiality, Just Recognize Your Ability”

Consider all the Options

There’s a reason in all the things we do But try to remember if it’s meant for you I’m sure a purpose can be found But to you, should it be bound?   Consider all the options Don’t have a misconception Get to know who you are And the ways you wish to get farContinue reading “Consider all the Options”

It is Normal to be Different

What is “normal”? How do we each perceive it? What makes us think that difference is not the “norm”? I have lived my life thinking that my difference in life has been my medical issues but as I journey and experience, I realize that it can be a lot more and it is not somethingContinue reading “It is Normal to be Different”