Charismatic attention Omitting the chance for failure Negating preventions Connection to personal purpose Enduring focus Neutralizing preventative circumstances Training for achievements Reimbursement of mental energy Attributing to a wanted goal Tuition for the fundamentals of ambition completion Internal and personal Objective to succeed Naturalizing capabilities What is concentration and how is it an assistance toContinue reading “Concentration”

Confident Intentions

George, a kindergartener, loved doing crafts at school. He was intrigued with how simple items could transform into great gifts. One day, George’s classmate didn’t get to do art because the teacher didn’t have enough toilet paper rolls for the whole class. George knew his families collected many recyclables every week and decided to startContinue reading “Confident Intentions”

Don’t Muddle Thoughts with Explanation

Submitted to dVerse Explanations muddle the purpose of action A different story with emotions Drawing attention from intent Vulnerable to misinterpretations Actions aren’t understood immediately Give others time to absorb the story Find the truth on their own Actions speak louder than words Don’t muddle thoughts with explanation