A Candlelight

Providing light in darkness, Offering hope for continuation. Beaming warmth in the cold, Offering scents for peace of mind. ~A candlelight~ Providing strength in hardship, Offering courage for the unknown. Beaming faith in uncertainty, Offering energy for a calm soul. Lately, I’ve come to enjoy getting a candle lit and admiring the flame. Suddenly, IContinue reading “A Candlelight”

It’s Always Easy to Begin Knowing

To be focused Is to know and hear yourself Every step of the way. To be grounded Is to place your values first Every step of the way To be confident Is to trust and follow your heart Every step of the way ~It’s always easy to begin knowing~ To remain focused Is to reflectContinue reading “It’s Always Easy to Begin Knowing”

Tree of Life

Upon its head, the wind ruffles the green strands of hair. Behind the leaves, thin arms reach out while connecting to the body A tall body stands straight supporting the veins of life Beneath the body’s core, its feet are planted Grounding this entity to the source of life ~The Tree of Life~ Strands ofContinue reading “Tree of Life”

We Are All Different, But of the Same Species

You perform rituals and ceremonies You create meals and tonics from the resources you gather You practice methods for survival You do your best to share love with your family and community ~ We are all different, but of the same species~ I celebrate traditions and celebrations I create meals and drinks from the resourcesContinue reading “We Are All Different, But of the Same Species”