It’s a Dream Before the Changes

An image of what should be, A vision susceptible to changes beyond control. An illusion that must withstand adversity, The dream that has no set boundaries. ~It’s a dream before the changes ~ An image that is meant to alter with growth, A vision that is open to changes that challenge. An illusion that materializesContinue reading “It’s a Dream Before the Changes”

A Dream Into Reality

It all starts with a dream with purpose, A vision that’s easily shaken by uncertainty. A seed in need of nourishment to grow, A sprout that requires attention to blossom. An eventual bloom that will mesmerize. ~ Have you ever finished an endeavor by stopping to review all the steps taken? ~ It ends asContinue reading “A Dream Into Reality”

A Partner

They aren’t an attachment They’re not there for completion They mustn’t always agree They aren’t assigned to always be by your side ~A partner ~ They are an extension in which to join They offer opportunity to work together They disagree so you both grow They stand beside you to lend support I remember growingContinue reading “A Partner”

Christmas Gives Us the Opportunity

Inspired by “Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us.” -David Cameron Scrambling to prepare the perfect gathering Weaving in and out of store to capture the love to wrap Sentiments to adorn the occasion Remembering what may have been forgotten ~Christmas gives us the opportunity to pauseContinue reading “Christmas Gives Us the Opportunity”