Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward

Don’t turn away from fear to avoid what is. Don’t scramble for explanation when it is only you that needs to understand. Open your heart to the realization, Drift amidst the storm trusting where it takes you. ~Fear indicates that you’re ready to go further~ Drift in the what-ifs fear presents. Open your heart toContinue reading “Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward”

What Neurology Taught Me About Life

It’s there but can’t be known by all. It’s a unique gift that can’t be measured against others, Only one can determine its significance. Control is an illusion slowly earned with acceptance. ~What neurology taught me about life~ It’s obvious but not recognized by all It’s a unique trait that can’t be carried out byContinue reading “What Neurology Taught Me About Life”

The Adrenaline of Hardship

It pushes you to uncover, It believes in the potential you hold. It encourages you to take ownership, It’s there to set a test -The adrenaline of hardship, The joy of living- Without it, you wouldn’t go further. Without it, you wouldn’t discover yourself. Without it, you wouldn’t have experiences to own, Hardship is thereContinue reading “The Adrenaline of Hardship”

A Candlelight

Providing light in darkness, Offering hope for continuation. Beaming warmth in the cold, Offering scents for peace of mind. ~A candlelight~ Providing strength in hardship, Offering courage for the unknown. Beaming faith in uncertainty, Offering energy for a calm soul. Lately, I’ve come to enjoy getting a candle lit and admiring the flame. Suddenly, IContinue reading “A Candlelight”