Christmas Gives Us the Opportunity

Inspired by “Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us.” -David Cameron Scrambling to prepare the perfect gathering Weaving in and out of store to capture the love to wrap Sentiments to adorn the occasion Remembering what may have been forgotten ~Christmas gives us the opportunity to pauseContinue reading “Christmas Gives Us the Opportunity”

Liberation From the Self to Find True Value

Inspired by “The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” -Albert Einstein Thoughts dictate to aim for perfection Emotions call for a form to fit Dreams pull towards the unknown Value is rooted, yet buried deep ~Liberation from the self toContinue reading “Liberation From the Self to Find True Value”

It’s Time to be Patient

The chaos seems settled, Yet, the wanted results aren’t in. Anticipation is wringing the nerves; Questions arise, To what purpose does this serve? ~ It’s time to be patient~ Chaos settles once it’s complete, Results come in when the time is right. Excitement for what is inspires appreciation, Faith and hope grows. Every experience endsContinue reading “It’s Time to be Patient”

Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward

Don’t turn away from fear to avoid what is. Don’t scramble for explanation when it is only you that needs to understand. Open your heart to the realization, Drift amidst the storm trusting where it takes you. ~Fear indicates that you’re ready to go further~ Drift in the what-ifs fear presents. Open your heart toContinue reading “Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward”

What Neurology Taught Me About Life

It’s there but can’t be known by all. It’s a unique gift that can’t be measured against others, Only one can determine its significance. Control is an illusion slowly earned with acceptance. ~What neurology taught me about life~ It’s obvious but not recognized by all It’s a unique trait that can’t be carried out byContinue reading “What Neurology Taught Me About Life”