Enjoyment in Cleaning

It was a Monday afternoon and Louise sat with her two friends listening to their complaints about chores. ” My mother made me do so much work! To dust the shelves, I had to take everything down. When the shelves were clean, I had to dust each object before replacing them on the shelf!” HeatherContinue reading “Enjoyment in Cleaning”

Sharing Love

Joanna’s mother, an early childhood educator, spent her free time collecting craft supplies and searching the internet for innovative projects. Joanna was used to being her mother’s craft guinea pig and wondered what made her mother work so hard. “Joanna! Honey! Will you come with me to the dollar store?” her mother yelled one afternoon.Continue reading “Sharing Love”

Accomplishment Without Credit

Adam loved to paint, his passion was to capture nature’s beauty and to inspire viewers to appreciate the world. He wasn’t concerned to earn from his work, he only wanted to enjoy his passion while providing inspiration. He started a blog to share his work and felt rewarded with every like or comment received. ItContinue reading “Accomplishment Without Credit”