A Clever Daughter/Dotter

I chose 6 homonyms to make a small paragraph out of. It’s amazing how the story can change when the words are switched. 1st Version: My little girl is a clever dotter. Always intent on being creative, she tests her limits aloud. She enjoys filling her palette and, before her canvas, she uses her pause.Continue reading “A Clever Daughter/Dotter”

Persistent Hard Work

Natalie joined a political party to get educated and involved in community issues. Society made politics sound like the only way to make a difference and she wanted to know if this was true. The party Natalie joined was fairly new and were working hard to get known in their community. The members worked hard,Continue reading “Persistent Hard Work”

Be Who You Ought To Be

Zoey grew up being told to become a doctor, but she chose to fulfill her calling and not her parents’ wishes. She became an artist. Though she was happy with her choice, she was haunted by her parents’ expectations and the doubts that they brewed. When Zoey watched her son, Elijah, she always imagined himContinue reading “Be Who You Ought To Be”

The Greatest Threat to Our Planet

News broadcasts started raving about the upcoming International Ecological Summit being organized to get politicians to state their plans to save the planet. Geraldine was sitting amongst her high school friends, wondering about when and if the leaders of the world would place Mother Earth in high priority. “These politicians need to set some actionsContinue reading “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet”

In the Shadow of Fear

Carlotta lived with a genetic disease that was causing a disability to her daily functions. Since retirement, she had to accept her dependency on her husband, Charles. Charles took care of all her needs and this caused Carlotta to fear that she wasn’t enough for him. What would she do without him? How could sheContinue reading “In the Shadow of Fear”