Drawn in Many Directions

There will always be an assortment of events for a person to experience throughout their life but it will be in the moment when they choose what to do when their person is articulated to the people that surround them. Life will offer an abundant supply of possibilities that may not be easily attainable forContinue reading “Drawn in Many Directions”

You Possess Full Potential

When it all seems impossible But you’re almost there That is the moment when life seems unfair   Instantly face your objection Take it on and smile Your success will arrive after the trial        You possess full potential And you know its true It consolidates when you see it through   Everyday, maintain yourContinue reading “You Possess Full Potential”

To Reach Your Excellence

Even after you have learned the virtue The lesson always comes back to haunt you Life will verify that you know your way Experiment and evaluate you every day   A personal value that you will possess Holding the potential for success Embrace it as an exclusive essence Apprehend it to reach your excellence


What is challenge and how may an individual interpret its purpose? A challenge is an occurrence in life that tests a person’s ability and integrity. It serves as a motivation for discovery. When encountered by a challenge, a person will feel precarious in the moment but respect for the situation could awaken mysterious prospects toContinue reading “Challenge”