What is Homework for?

Growing up, I dreaded homework because I thought it was a respectful duty I had to do to make my parents happy, to impress my teacher and to accomplish high grades for respect. I kept thinking, Why must I do this work for them? I don’t understand!  and did it out of duty. Now, IContinue reading “What is Homework for?”

The Barrier of Denial

Tessa loved to draw and never pursued her passion for art. In retirement, she started painting, scared to share her work with others. She trusted only her son, Adrian. Holding a piece of her art, she said, ” What do you think?  I think it could be better, this didn’t capture the tree properly.” AdrianContinue reading “The Barrier of Denial”

Believe in Your Potentiality

Janice, a passionate elementary school teacher, was eager to start a new business so she could introduce more STEM and inquiry learning to the future generation. She felt she had a great idea but felt doubtful of being accepted. After a month of starting her plan, she visited a recreation center wanting to introduce herContinue reading “Believe in Your Potentiality”

What is Recognition?

Recognition is an act of acknowledgement. Be it for accomplishments, failures or small details of life, they are all a part of the journey. Some people strive for recognition from others, while others recognize things for themselves. However, they are all pieces obtained to construct who we are. Many changes occur as we grow, andContinue reading “What is Recognition?”