At Times When Things Seem So Distant

At times when things seem so distant Confidence disappears in an instant Questions begin to arise Questions wondering why you’re alive Although you may not be a star Always believe in who you are For you are an original And your life is continual There’s a reason why you were put here Though it mayContinue reading “At Times When Things Seem So Distant”

When Our Soul Makes a Connection

When our soul makes a connection We will always have a recollection For deep within us a love is felt And a piece of our cold ice melts   Many share our chosen direction Though we don’t know their selected intention They can all be chosen to be our friends With them we will evolveContinue reading “When Our Soul Makes a Connection”

You’re Amazing in Things That You Do

You’re amazing in things that you do And it’s okay to believe that it’s true It’s a part of the person you are You’re allowed a time to be a star   Start believing in what you are told Stop fearing the amazement that you hold It works for others in its own way EvenContinue reading “You’re Amazing in Things That You Do”

Excessive Imagination

With an excessive amount of imagination How is a mother to have any resignation? Understanding is not found within the many creations But still I feel an appreciation Without my child my spirit would not feel this elevation   Parenting a young child full of imagination is quite an interesting job. Despite the various directionsContinue reading “Excessive Imagination”