Enjoy Endless Opportunities

Opportunities appear in adversity Open hearts will continue to see what life gives Illusions open doors to sites beyond the mind Engage all senses, heighten your abilities Search everywhere, not knowing what you will find Even what can’t be seen is existing and lives Accept all, enjoy endless opportunities

Together as Life’s Fun

Melancholy seeps beneath the gates, Jolly emotions rise to welcome them Uncertainty stales the air without reason, Finality prods us to step out of the safety of our cave. Adventure tempts us with what’s unknown, Composure is exchanged for what’s needed. It all meets us as if it were one, Combining together as Life’s fun.

Storm of Old and New

A storm of old and new arises. Waves loudly crash on the shore, Voicing their worry and uncertainty, As lightning strikes the sky with confidence. The winds whip around in a frenzy, Causing new steps to feel unsteady. The chill of uncertainty sends cold nips down one’s spine, As arms in the sky frantically danceContinue reading “Storm of Old and New”

Fill Your Fate with Dreams and Desires

Born with a life plan, everything is fate But what happens when we are given choice? Can the deciding factor be feeling? Can we follow our hearts without duty? Only you decide your enjoyment Tap spirit to unfold your desires As life evolves, so changes desires Sometimes, we reconsider our fate The greatest reward isContinue reading “Fill Your Fate with Dreams and Desires”