Part of You

There are many parts of us that are like toys  Intended for us to discover and enjoy  Individual assets that are valuable parts  Regarded deeply in our heart    Even with a flaw, it can’t be mistreated That’s only admittance of defeat  Accept its role within your days  Part of you and with you toContinue reading “Part of You”


    What does it mean to be relentless and why is it a favorable trait when pursuing a goal? To be relentless is to possess a firm conviction that isn’t easily impacted by differing circumstances. It is a favorable trait when pursuing a goal because it acknowledges the challenges that life provides and remainsContinue reading “Relentless”

The Greatest Quest to Conquer

It has been a very long time since I’ve allowed myself to be free to express my thoughts without editing. Thank you for being open, please enjoy =)  There are so many quests to take on in life but the greatest one is the quest to conquer yourself. I feel that it’s a difficult questContinue reading “The Greatest Quest to Conquer”