The True Battle Lies Within: Spoken Word

Amidst the shadows of ambition, Ready to battle whatever comes forth, Awaiting the rise of awakening. The true battle lies within. Extended through the actions shared, While surrounded by what is there. What comes lies in what is chosen, Guided by what silently calls. A swift unknowing that will become.


What is patience and why is it a beneficial trait to possess in life? Patience is a willingness to persevere through adversity diligently. It is a beneficial trait to possess in life because it is an expression of one’s comprehension of their domination over life and their determination to develop. Patience is a tremendous assetContinue reading “Patience”

Triskelion Heart

When Life is slow and questions arise, I must persevere to hear the answers. I was focused on perseverance when I designed this heart. I couldn’t get the triskelion, symbol of perseverance, in the way that I’d hoped and concentrating on this project helped me to sit and listen as Life linked it’s pieces slowlyContinue reading “Triskelion Heart”

Going Forward Will Relieve: Spoken Word

Facing endeavors with immense hope All is well until you see a steep slope Uncertainty rises as you strive to believe Courageous faith helps you cope Strength to go forth and simply believe Knowing that it’s possible to achieve Patient faith revitalizes perseverance Going forward will relieve