What Does It Mean to be a Leader?

What does it mean to be a leader? To lead is to serve and sacrifice. To place the needs of community before oneself, To consider oneself low to rise together. What does it mean to be in power? To be in power is to not know and try, To accept responsibility and persevere. I recentlyContinue reading “What Does It Mean to be a Leader?”

Perseverance with Love for Adversity

She wakes in the face of battle, She feels weary and withdrawn. Tired of knowing that a battle awaits, Yet, excited to uncover what Life offers. A deep breath draws her within -Into the valley which holds her previous conquests- Success looms over her in the horizon, She’s revitalized knowing that this, too, shall pass.Continue reading “Perseverance with Love for Adversity”

It’s Always Easy to Begin Knowing

To be focused Is to know and hear yourself Every step of the way. To be grounded Is to place your values first Every step of the way To be confident Is to trust and follow your heart Every step of the way ~It’s always easy to begin knowing~ To remain focused Is to reflectContinue reading “It’s Always Easy to Begin Knowing”

Silence is Patience in Observation

Though our world teaches us that immediate action is success and conviction, I find that to be a false illusion. Reactive responses are filled with fear and uncertainty and leads to more mishaps if time isn’t accepted to absorb what is and determine where we stand. In times when accomplishments rush our way, it’s easyContinue reading “Silence is Patience in Observation”