Storm of Old and New

A storm of old and new arises. Waves loudly crash on the shore, Voicing their worry and uncertainty, As lightning strikes the sky with confidence. The winds whip around in a frenzy, Causing new steps to feel unsteady. The chill of uncertainty sends cold nips down one’s spine, As arms in the sky frantically danceContinue reading “Storm of Old and New”

Hope to Find a Blossom

I climb the hills, Hiking over branches entwined from the past. I hold hope to find a blossom planted many years past, Hoping to be reminded that hard work pays off. When I reach the clearing, Thorns and sharp wires meet my view and touch. It takes much effort to reach you, My love forContinue reading “Hope to Find a Blossom”

A Pawn in the Game of Life

Active pawn playing in Creator’s objective. Always have a part, though not as we may have planned, Knights and bishops cross our path throughout the journey. -An open mind is key, not being reactive- Wonder seizes us when it’s hard and not easy, Fear and anger tempt us when we’re feeling unmanned, Perseverance and willpowerContinue reading “A Pawn in the Game of Life”


Frustration Explosive feelings Needing a moment to release Lets tension go Welcomes new light For most of my life, I’ve been afraid to express my frustrations because of the reaction they tend to receive. Overall, I don’t believe my life is horrible but there are definitely moments when I need to release the tension. AfterContinue reading “Frustration”

For You Grow Stronger With Every Hit

It’s when things seem worse, that you must not quit. The decision was made when you agreed to try, You couldn’t know the whole picture until you entered the ring. Challenges pick up and you want to ask why, It’s when things seem worse, that you must not quit. Ground yourself with the purpose thatContinue reading “For You Grow Stronger With Every Hit”