How Does One Give Up?

How does one give up? I know not how to give up, A frustration when uncertainty bombards me. How does one ignore the possibility and discovery? I cannot ignore the excitement that opportunity stirs in me. My trust in Life opens me to the gifts offered in any situation. How does one feel safe believingContinue reading “How Does One Give Up?”

Inner Strength

Inner strength doesn’t radiate when a person is most proficient, It’s displayed in the moments when we are most inefficient. They will strive to demonstrate their competence, But strength prevails when enduring impotence. Finality may appear to be the prize, But it is the journey that assists you to realize. Take the time to knowContinue reading “Inner Strength”


Avoid pain, Void experience. Challenges strengthen your resolve, Embrace what is, Experience. Discomfort, Heightens the senses. Opens crevices once unknown, New discovery, Experience. I wrote this poem reflecting on the pain I’m tempted to avoid feeling in my left foot but know I must get used to. It made me relate to all times ofContinue reading “Experience”

Let Go of Trauma

Anguish dwelled upon creates more anguish. Pains from past held onto develops more pain. Wishes without soul are hollow wishes. Refrain from acceptance, meet more refrain. Shock unwelcomed will remain as a shock. Damage nurtured will fester more damage. Smock what is, knowing life can’t wear a smock. Stage what was to forever live thatContinue reading “Let Go of Trauma”