All That Is is Perfection

Perfection drawn before change is an illusion, It’s what we choose to aim for that may not remain. A perception that doesn’t have to remain set, Life asks us to be open to alterations. One must evolve before their goals are truly met, Perfection feels safe, though from it, we must refrain. From start toContinue reading “All That Is is Perfection”

Perfection or the Art of Balance?

There’s the concept of perfection that people tend to chase but can never attain. It’s the concept of something being exactly as it should be, protected from change and possessing the power to end hardship. The destination to reach to achieve greatness. I believe that perfection does occur, contributing to the cycle of life whenContinue reading “Perfection or the Art of Balance?”

Don’t Be Perfect

  Everything in Life is a process and assuming perfection is thinking we know already. Patience is necessary to understand that change happens, even after we’ve made up our minds. Being open is letting go of the perfection we think we know to experience what is. If we must be a fool today, then aContinue reading “Don’t Be Perfect”

What will we do when we reach perfection?

Every person is striving towards an image that they have created of what perfection will be for their person. What is perfection? How does it have the power to motivate us? What will we be striving towards when perfection is reached? What is your personal perception of what perfection will be? How has it beenContinue reading “What will we do when we reach perfection?”