No Misinterpretation Should Ever Prevent

The many misunderstandings that can occur Causing a character of demure It isn’t a fate we wish to accept But it is a situation that we must respect   No misinterpretation should ever prevent Anger’s only reason to relent Harmony can be confidently found With lots of love, the unity will rebound   With communication,Continue reading “No Misinterpretation Should Ever Prevent”

Only to Your Thoughts Should You Comply

Their belief may all be there  But it does not make it fair Because it will never be their affair    They cannot see through your eyes They don’t know your reasons why  Only to your thoughts should you comply   This is your life to complete  Want success or a defeat?  The thoughts of othersContinue reading “Only to Your Thoughts Should You Comply”


  What does it mean to be happy and how is it beneficial state of being for daily living? Happiness is a state of being content and feeling pleasure. It is beneficial for daily living because it alleviates a spirit with positive convictions and provides hope in times of hardship. Happiness is desired to accomplishContinue reading “Happy”


What is quiet and how is it favorable for an individual? Quiet time for an individual is time for reflection without the disturbance of outer influences. A chosen moment to reconnect with the self is a favorable practice to continuously fortify the recognition of who we are inside. A quaint silence in solitude merits theContinue reading “Quiet”


  What is courtesy and how is it an importance for relationships? Courtesy is a demonstration of respectful behavior that generates a loving impartiality that welcomes new relations. Courtesy in a relationship expresses a common understanding that is founded by respect and has the power to withstand the evolution a relationship endures. Acceptance of theContinue reading “Courtesy”