Peace in Solitude

i Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash Solitude is described as the state of being or living alone. This definition creates the image of seeing no other human or animal around us when we need to get to know our person, but living in a crowded, fast-paced environment, solitude is required, even in the centerContinue reading “Peace in Solitude”

The Chaos of Life

Humanity have reached a point where we think intelligence could conquer all odds. Separating ourselves from the likes of Nature to prove our supreme worth, forgetting our connection to it all and, eventually, realizing that we can’t survive without. The chaos of life is necessary to bring people awareness of the peace they seek. In strivingContinue reading “The Chaos of Life”

August, Month of Balance

For the month of August, I chose balance as the theme of the month. Balance, the state of equilibrium, where equality is met to accomplish peace. To me, accomplishing balance is about finding the unity between extremes in a situation so I can view it with clarity. This challenge arises in many instances, whether inContinue reading “August, Month of Balance”