Courage, Whether Loud or Quiet

Inspired by “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill It takes courage to stand and speak It’s wise to know your ground Whether loud or quiet, you are not weak Take time to observe the sounds Get a feelContinue reading “Courage, Whether Loud or Quiet”

Let Events Seep Awareness

Let events seep awareness Help you explore the path you desire to trek Ride all the emotions Don’t follow it into a wreck Slowly and surely, truth permeates With patience, the good will show Don’t fixate on a single point Life offers much more to know. What passed doesn’t have to be forgotten Embrace theContinue reading “Let Events Seep Awareness”

Never Choose to Let Your Love Retire

Even though anger has existence The love within us initiates resistance For we do not always have control But being hateful does not make us whole   Have patience in your days Continue to be loving in your ways Exhibit the actions you desire Never choose to let your love retire   A strong foundation,Continue reading “Never Choose to Let Your Love Retire”

The Irony of Recovery

The irony of recovery Getting better means time for rest To process reconnection The irony of recovery Progress sparks hope for more Yet, a reminder to be patient and slow The irony of recovery Getting better means time for rest   I hold mixed feelings about my stroke recovery.  I get excited to participate inContinue reading “The Irony of Recovery”

Don’t Be Perfect

  Everything in Life is a process and assuming perfection is thinking we know already. Patience is necessary to understand that change happens, even after we’ve made up our minds. Being open is letting go of the perfection we think we know to experience what is. If we must be a fool today, then aContinue reading “Don’t Be Perfect”