Silence is Patience in Observation

Though our world teaches us that immediate action is success and conviction, I find that to be a false illusion. Reactive responses are filled with fear and uncertainty and leads to more mishaps if time isn’t accepted to absorb what is and determine where we stand. In times when accomplishments rush our way, it’s easyContinue reading “Silence is Patience in Observation”

You Can Connect

You can connect without being professional Knowledge isn’t the only power It starts with intention And grows with faith You can connect without being famous Abundant attention isn’t the only way It speaks with action And progresses with patience You can connect without full understanding A seed takes time to grow It starts with aContinue reading “You Can Connect”

But I Know that You are Hurting

I see venom in your eyes, I see tension in your fists And I feel your walls erecting. -But I know that you are hurting- I feel condemned by your words, I feel motivation to turn the other way And I see no hope in your being. -But I know that you are hurting- IContinue reading “But I Know that You are Hurting”