You Can Do Anything

Inspired by the thought, “If you’ve got passion and your heart’s in it, you can do anything.” Anything, You can conquer it. All you need is heartfelt passion. When it’s your dream, It’s your success. Any skill, That makes your heart sing. Regardless of what people say, Is yours alone, Is part of you.

How to Live Passionately – No Matter Your Age

  This is an inspirational video that gave me a different perspective on independence. Life isn’t about what we can do physically on our own or what we can prove to others, our freedom is found in the spirit we place into what we do and the enjoyment we recognize in it. Find a passion,Continue reading “How to Live Passionately – No Matter Your Age”

Become Who You Truly Are

Wilson was a great swimmer, often applauded for winning the races he entered. Though many foresaw Wilson as an Olympic swimmer one day, Wilson never felt joyous when swimming. Wilson felt his family’s pride in his swimming, and didn’t want to disappoint them, but he never felt the passion when he entered the water. OneContinue reading “Become Who You Truly Are”