What is Homework for?

Growing up, I dreaded homework because I thought it was a respectful duty I had to do to make my parents happy, to impress my teacher and to accomplish high grades for respect. I kept thinking, Why must I do this work for them? I don’t understand!  and did it out of duty. Now, IContinue reading “What is Homework for?”

Don’t Help Your Baby to Walk!

“Don’t help your baby to walk!” I’ve heard this advised in the past and I thought it was because a person’s experience should naturally be theirs. I didn’t understand the mechanics of the body when I first heard this, but now I understand and totally agree. As I worked to recover my left side fromContinue reading “Don’t Help Your Baby to Walk!”

Caregivers are like Elastic Bands

Qiana worked hard and after each workday, she tried to care for her son, Jacob. Jacob was growing, no longer wanting his mother’s care, so he quickly did as he was told and played on his tablet. Qiana tried to get Jacob to focus and was met with resistance. As patient as Qiana had been,Continue reading “Caregivers are like Elastic Bands”

Be Patient with Love

Thelma missed her son and their close relationship. She felt disappointed in his wife, Sandra. Thelma and Sandra were familiar with different family cultures and both desired a relationship and feeling uncertain on how to begin. After five years, Thelma realized she had to accept Sandra to build a rapport with her son’s family. SheContinue reading “Be Patient with Love”

Knowledge for Guidance

Adolph, a mature adolescent, had a good sense of what he must do, but, recently, something held him back. He was proud of himself, yet the taste of independence scared him. If I keep doing things on my own, what if my parents leave me and no longer stand beside me? What will I doContinue reading “Knowledge for Guidance”