We are Both Here to Discover

Guide me on my way Don’t tell me all the answers Be open to my blunders Stay steady with your love We are both here to discover As a mother, I imagine my child saying these words to me so she will have room for growth. As a child, I remember longing for the spaceContinue reading “We are Both Here to Discover”

Parenting is Long-Term

No matter the stresses of today, parenting is long-term Despite the success seen today, parenting is long-term Respect what your instincts say in the now Though each situation is distinct, parenting is long-term Accept the turbulent journey For it reaps excellent rewards, parenting is long-term Celebrate whenever they achieve It gives reason to believe and,Continue reading “Parenting is Long-Term”

The Challenge of Parenthood

Being a parent comes with various life lessons. Everyone enters parenthood at an age when we don’t know and are starting to understand life, the challenge is admitting that we don’t know. Despite not knowing, we try our best based on the knowledge our experiences gathered and then realize that everything changed and what weContinue reading “The Challenge of Parenthood”