Hope to Find a Blossom

I climb the hills, Hiking over branches entwined from the past. I hold hope to find a blossom planted many years past, Hoping to be reminded that hard work pays off. When I reach the clearing, Thorns and sharp wires meet my view and touch. It takes much effort to reach you, My love forContinue reading “Hope to Find a Blossom”


A journey of not-knowing, Open your mind to enthusiasm and discovery. -Enter with curiosity and joy- Do what you can with love, Parenting. A vortex of memories, old and new, Open your heart with compassion. -Enter to uncover wisdom through fault- Proceed without set expectation, Parenting. An adventure for learning, Open the gates, prepared toContinue reading “Parenting”

She Will Bloom

She feels secure with her parents’ support Not admitting she’s secure with herself There are things, bold and daring, that she hopes To receive freely without hardship It cannot be received without a trial Nothing is free in the journey of life Some prices are small, and others are big No matter the price, growingContinue reading “She Will Bloom”

We are Both Here to Discover

Guide me on my way Don’t tell me all the answers Be open to my blunders Stay steady with your love We are both here to discover As a mother, I imagine my child saying these words to me so she will have room for growth. As a child, I remember longing for the spaceContinue reading “We are Both Here to Discover”