Together, We are Children

A guardian I am to thee, A star of hope you are to me. Together, we are children Striving to be the best we can be; Our love is our unity. We are unique separately, We both shine magnificently. Together, we are children, Representing a fun simile, Companions on two journeys. -Together, we are children-Continue reading “Together, We are Children”

Have Faith It Becomes

Don’t claim control, Let nature take its course to grow, Have faith it becomes. I wrote this haiku at a time I felt confused as a mother and uncertain as a person. In times of uncertainty and parenting, the temptation to claim control feels like a lifeline. Though feeling unsafe, it’s important to respect nature’sContinue reading “Have Faith It Becomes”

A Mother Offers Hard Love

The lioness roars, Setting her rules in place. She doesn’t know what will be, She only listens to what she feels. Her cub wanders away, She picks them up by the neck, Putting them in place to learn. She’s not always soft or approachable. A mother offers hard love, She does what she can toContinue reading “A Mother Offers Hard Love”


Detachment Looking from outside Learning without much involvement Care from afar To not confuse We can’t be involved in every situation, no matter how much we care. Detachment is a way of learning from the situation without including ourselves where we aren’t necessary. Though indifference is assumed as not caring, it’s the hardest form ofContinue reading “Detachment”