Soccer Coach

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash Alan ran out onto the soccer field after his daughter, Ashley, and her team. He missed his soccer days and was excited to share his experience with the young team. Though he no longer played soccer, he felt eager to be a part of Ashley’s life. Alan recalledContinue reading “Soccer Coach”

The Challenge of Parenthood

Being a parent comes with various life lessons. Everyone enters parenthood at an age when we don’t know and are starting to understand life, the challenge is admitting that we don’t know. Despite not knowing, we try our best based on the knowledge our experiences gathered and then realize that everything changed and what weContinue reading “The Challenge of Parenthood”

After Waiting

As days passed, she had yet another week Of watching the rise and fall of the sun. During the day, she took in the bright rays, Awaiting arrival of her grown son. Many years passed and he was hers to raise; Without his presence, she sometimes felt weak.   When her spirit was down andContinue reading “After Waiting”

What is Homework for?

Growing up, I dreaded homework because I thought it was a respectful duty I had to do to make my parents happy, to impress my teacher and to accomplish high grades for respect. I kept thinking, Why must I do this work for them? I don’t understand!  and did it out of duty. Now, IContinue reading “What is Homework for?”

Don’t Help Your Baby to Walk!

“Don’t help your baby to walk!” I’ve heard this advised in the past and I thought it was because a person’s experience should naturally be theirs. I didn’t understand the mechanics of the body when I first heard this, but now I understand and totally agree. As I worked to recover my left side fromContinue reading “Don’t Help Your Baby to Walk!”