Happy 2023!

Happy New Year! In celebration of a new year and eight years of my self-discovery, I’m dedicating January to my favorite trait: perseverance. I’m going to mix posts of old and new as a way of celebrating my full self and appreciating all that my life has offered me. May all New Year resolutions beContinue reading “Happy 2023!”

January: Month of Abundant and Barren

Happy New Year! For January 2021, I’ve chosen the contrast of abundant and barren as my monthly theme. After months of thanks and celebration, what I consider the abundance of Life, January starts us off with a new slate that feels empty, yet with hope. I find the months that end Winter feel barren inContinue reading “January: Month of Abundant and Barren”

Welcome 2020!

Happy New Year! For January 2020, I’ve chosen the virtue of perseverance as the theme for the month. Perseverance is a virtue that I hold dear. To me, perseverance is the ability to accept and utilize what Life provides. It is the mentality to learn and the spirit to explore all opportunities. In the adventureContinue reading “Welcome 2020!”