Nature Never Deceives Us

Inspired by “Nature never deceives us; it is always we who deceive ourselves.” -Jean Jacques Rousseau Nature never deceives us Never shy to share it’s beauty Deceives, only when we think too much Us, with nature, constitutes a full life It is always we who deceive ourselves Is nature not pure enough to befriend? AlwaysContinue reading “Nature Never Deceives Us”

The Chaos of Life

Humanity have reached a point where we think intelligence could conquer all odds. Separating ourselves from the likes of Nature to prove our supreme worth, forgetting our connection to it all and, eventually, realizing that we can’t survive without. The chaos of life is necessary to bring people awareness of the peace they seek. In strivingContinue reading “The Chaos of Life”

Full Potential

Foresee the wonders in full potential, Unite and bond with the environment. Bring awareness to the beauty of Life, Make a new beginning with acceptance Strengthen your friendship with Mother Nature, You, with the world, make a reconnection.   Don’t turn away from a reconnection, Recognize what is for full potential. Appreciatively explore nature, LovinglyContinue reading “Full Potential”