Peace from a Heartfelt Smile

Inspired by “Peace begins with a smile.” -Mother Theresa While it feels chaotic, peace begins with a smile. Summoned from within, interconnected throughout, A small flame that ignites eternal love for all. A sustaining force that can last the many miles, It is given and received whether big or small. Whether alone or with others,Continue reading “Peace from a Heartfelt Smile”

A Pawn in the Game of Life

Active pawn playing in Creator’s objective. Always have a part, though not as we may have planned, Knights and bishops cross our path throughout the journey. -An open mind is key, not being reactive- Wonder seizes us when it’s hard and not easy, Fear and anger tempt us when we’re feeling unmanned, Perseverance and willpowerContinue reading “A Pawn in the Game of Life”