Enjoy Endless Opportunities

Opportunities appear in adversity Open hearts will continue to see what life gives Illusions open doors to sites beyond the mind Engage all senses, heighten your abilities Search everywhere, not knowing what you will find Even what can’t be seen is existing and lives Accept all, enjoy endless opportunities

You are Perfect in What You Wear

Where would you go to find the perfect thing to wear? Would a single store carry what you desire? What do you imagine for your full appearance? Are you after a look that would make others stare? Or are you looking for a new experience? You are worth so much more, beyond your attire. YouContinue reading “You are Perfect in What You Wear”

Peace from a Heartfelt Smile

Inspired by “Peace begins with a smile.” -Mother Theresa While it feels chaotic, peace begins with a smile. Summoned from within, interconnected throughout, A small flame that ignites eternal love for all. A sustaining force that can last the many miles, It is given and received whether big or small. Whether alone or with others,Continue reading “Peace from a Heartfelt Smile”

A Pawn in the Game of Life

Active pawn playing in Creator’s objective. Always have a part, though not as we may have planned, Knights and bishops cross our path throughout the journey. -An open mind is key, not being reactive- Wonder seizes us when it’s hard and not easy, Fear and anger tempt us when we’re feeling unmanned, Perseverance and willpowerContinue reading “A Pawn in the Game of Life”