Care for Yourself

Inspired by content from and in honor of World Otter Day Care for yourself to be of use in others’ care, Accept what is in your life so you move forward. Allow freedom of comfort and relaxation, Don’t doubt the treasure of spirit in which you share. Give yourself time to rekindle your connections,Continue reading “Care for Yourself”

Wanting to be Free

Caught, I am, when obligated to what’s been taught. Wanting to be free, the voice of approval haunts, All say to move forward, yet propriety pulls. Heart says yes but the mind ties reasons into knots, I don’t feel free when my choices are constant duels. It would be possible if I ignore the taunts,Continue reading “Wanting to be Free”

Unity in all Spirits

Unity in all spirits is diversity, Respect and cooperation for all species. Appreciation for all that is encountered, Independence for and from a community. Amicable relations that should be nurtured, No set division between races and species, Love boldly without question to bring unity. This poem is written with the hope for unity between natureContinue reading “Unity in all Spirits”