Flow with Life

Flow like water in every one of life’s throws; Accept openly, build strength with resilience. Be grateful for all, sharing love every day; After experience, be one with what you know. Make appreciation into your daily ray; Welcome failure to further growth and endurance; Patient cooperation will help your life flow.

A Pawn in the Game of Life

Active pawn playing in Creator’s objective. Always have a part, though not as we may have planned, Knights and bishops cross our path throughout the journey. -An open mind is key, not being reactive- Wonder seizes us when it’s hard and not easy, Fear and anger tempt us when we’re feeling unmanned, Perseverance and willpowerContinue reading “A Pawn in the Game of Life”

Learning and Growing Will Always Remain Constant

Constant exploration with ups and downs are grants Resetting goals and visions are necessary Change occurs whether you desire it or not Flow with the current to be what your life warrants Discover it all to know your personal lot Make allies in all, no harm from adversaries Learning and growing will always remain constant