The Act of Love

Love. Give and take, the way of sharing divine love. It weaves in and out, celebrating with all it meets. Leaving nothing untouched, it knows no exclusion. Unconditional, there’s no below or above. Spread it around, all is worthy of inclusion. It’s a simple gift, add it to your daily feats. Universal, in many forms,Continue reading “The Act of Love”

Listen to the Voice Within

Continue to rummage stories to find what’s true, Not all that we’re told is done with honesty. ~Listen to the voice within when in doubt~ To move forward, search for clarity before going through, Everyone has their own way of finding what their life is about, It’s important to recognize our response-ability. With truth andContinue reading “Listen to the Voice Within”

Live with No Must

Inspired by “The map is not the territory.” -Alfred Korzbyski Must we know where to go or shall we invest trust? Knowledge is a brief guideline to commence the trek, Listen with your heart and be led to go beyond. Relieve your mind, dare to let go of all your previous fuss, Be led byContinue reading “Live with No Must”

A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody

There are times when I want to shut the door and stare, When the darkness inside clouds all vision and light. My truth transforms into a haunting parody, All that was appreciated now seems unfair. -A journey to discover Life’s full melody- I ride the ups and downs until it becomes bright, Reach understanding thatContinue reading “A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody”