Memory: Is it about Age or Importance?

After listening to the classic complaint that memory is lost due to age, I made an effort to observe everyone’s memory. Starting with the older and retired people, I remembered that when they were working, their minds were sharp. Now, at a loss without pressing schedules or responsibility, they forget small details, yet remember what’sContinue reading “Memory: Is it about Age or Importance?”

You are What You Believe

You are what you believe Your thoughts become your reality Don’t let flaws become what you achieve You are what you believe Fears will grow into thieves Repetition become an actuality You are what you believe Your thoughts become your reality   Many times, I’ve heard people complain about their memory, disappointed and ready forContinue reading “You are What You Believe”

Lasting Impressions

Lasting impressions  That hovers in our core Where, within our heart,  It left an everlasting score    Stamp of memory  Enrichment for our soul  Fed upon through life  We search for more to fill our bowl    Soft encouragement  A net to catch our fall Elevating cloud  When darkness hovers like a shawl   ForeverContinue reading “Lasting Impressions”