Desperate Times Lead to Desperate Measures

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. A moment in time when feeling cornered, The answers flee by and there’s no feel of hope. When survival is the only thought and fears keep logic severed, Desperate times lead to desperate measures. The memories of the past are heavily layered, Emotions keep rationality out of the scope,Continue reading “Desperate Times Lead to Desperate Measures”

So Many Threads in One Quilt

So many threads in one quilt, Various components contribute to make it whole. It’s vibrancy can be seen from many perspectives, Different fruits come together into one bowl. -So many threads in one quilt- An act of kindness can play many roles, A unique trait will serve generous objectives, Diverse experiences happen to create aContinue reading “So Many Threads in One Quilt”

Feeling the World Deeply

My restrictions are horrible. From ideal perspectives, it’s a frustration. Following expectations, life is lacking. Working for approval, I have no concentration. My restrictions are horrible. In hardship, life offers me inspiration, I find challenges to be motivating, The wonders of the world keep fueling my ambition. My restrictions are horrible, But they make feelingContinue reading “Feeling the World Deeply”

The Greatest Wealth

Inspired by “The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” -Plato The greatest wealth is to live content with little. When you can appreciate what’s there, Peace and contentment are within reach. You will seek out more because you care. The greatest wealth is to live content with little, In every storm, trust thatContinue reading “The Greatest Wealth”