But I Know that You are Hurting

I see venom in your eyes, I see tension in your fists And I feel your walls erecting. -But I know that you are hurting- I feel condemned by your words, I feel motivation to turn the other way And I see no hope in your being. -But I know that you are hurting- IContinue reading “But I Know that You are Hurting”

Because Every Child Matters: Spoken Word Poetry

Provide love and safety because every child matters, Offer love consistently because every child matters. Acceptance is deserved, Respect should never be reserved because every child matters. Abuse is not a way to teach, Excellence is what we want them to reach because every child matters. Family is an important foundation, It is the rootContinue reading “Because Every Child Matters: Spoken Word Poetry”

By Acting With Kindness

Unite by acting with kindness, Aim for universal happiness. Make use of the power of Love, Make no other below or above. Take time to recognize the likeness, Appreciate each uniqueness. By acting with kindness. The power of Love covers a vastness A foundation when push comes to shove Offers freedom to fly like aContinue reading “By Acting With Kindness”

With the Power of Creativity

A poem I posted three years ago that is perfect for my theme. An open mind to what is, with the power of creativity Consciousness to Life’s beauty, with the power of creativity Making use of natural resources Development is habitual with the power of creativity Boredom doesn’t exist Goals are hard to resist withContinue reading “With the Power of Creativity”