Don’t Fear Dependence

Don’t fear dependence A form of love being shared Sharing, give and take When my journey began, my disability had me thinking that dependence was a weakness. I avoided it and wouldn’t receive help. Now, I know that receiving help is a way of letting others share their love. There is no weakness or strength,Continue reading “Don’t Fear Dependence”

Love Will Continue Trying

Maddened am I when you appear maddened Confused spirits, your response is confused Saddened is all when your ways are saddened Refused by myself, you all but refused Darkness ascends as your love’s in darkness Hope fades as there’s no more light to fuel hope Wholeness is lost in the search for wholeness Scope ofContinue reading “Love Will Continue Trying”

Hope to Find a Blossom

I climb the hills, Hiking over branches entwined from the past. I hold hope to find a blossom planted many years past, Hoping to be reminded that hard work pays off. When I reach the clearing, Thorns and sharp wires meet my view and touch. It takes much effort to reach you, My love forContinue reading “Hope to Find a Blossom”