A Candlelight

Providing light in darkness, Offering hope for continuation. Beaming warmth in the cold, Offering scents for peace of mind. ~A candlelight~ Providing strength in hardship, Offering courage for the unknown. Beaming faith in uncertainty, Offering energy for a calm soul. Lately, I’ve come to enjoy getting a candle lit and admiring the flame. Suddenly, IContinue reading “A Candlelight”

Letting Duality Go

Venture out, Venture deep Let the darkness, in you, seep. Don’t correct, Just respect, Let the strength, from within, speak. Listen hard Be open, Let the truth, to you, shine bright. The dualities created in our perceptions become challenging barriers. Venture away from set-perceptions, try not to correct and just listen. Embrace darkness and lightContinue reading “Letting Duality Go”