My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word

My past stands behind me. An illumination that guides, No longer a shadow that haunts, A reminder to never again choose to hide. ~My past stands behind me~ A constant force inside, Now a light that isn’t here to taunt, The child in me with whom I can confide. My past stands behind me, AContinue reading “My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word”

Be Warned by What Speaks to Your Heart

Inspired by “We must endure our thoughts all night, until the bright obvious stands motionless in the cold.” -Wallace Stevens Within darkness, thoughts whirl and weave, Heading to and fro. Where is it all meant to go? You won’t obviously know. Withstand this, to find what you need, Let darkness calm into a guiding light.Continue reading “Be Warned by What Speaks to Your Heart”