A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody

There are times when I want to shut the door and stare, When the darkness inside clouds all vision and light. My truth transforms into a haunting parody, All that was appreciated now seems unfair. -A journey to discover Life’s full melody- I ride the ups and downs until it becomes bright, Reach understanding thatContinue reading “A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody”

All Expressions Tell a Story

Perform your tasks with passion and purpose, You are an instrument in the orchestra you represent. Every note played is a contribution, All expressions tell a story. All expressions tell a story, Emotions trigger responses in an audience. You are an instrument in the orchestra you represent, Every story deserves to be told. Every storyContinue reading “All Expressions Tell a Story”

Past Memories Haunt

Past memories haunt as present mirrors the past Realization connects the past to present Fears of old and new caution every action Wanting to go slow but life is moving so fast Thoughts whirl before calming to prevent reactions Amidst chaos, there’s little reason to resent What’s felt today is different from feelings past AfterContinue reading “Past Memories Haunt”

Strength: Spoken Word

Strength resides within Beyond all levels of destruction It cannot be forgotten with the past Its embedded in the soul It perseveres and is made to last The journey is long Replete with confusion and dismay It isn’t intended for aversion It’s a purpose to contend Experience your soul’s conversion An individual’s strength resides withinContinue reading “Strength: Spoken Word”

Success is in the Experience of the Beholder

As I ponder the various perspectives on success, I believe that success is an art and can only be determined by the beholder. We’re surrounded by stories about what success is but each person holds different tales in their mind and through experience, they will determine if it is a success for their person. I’mContinue reading “Success is in the Experience of the Beholder”