Hardship is a Blessing, Not a Curse

Hardship is a blessing, not a curse. A circumstance to learn and grow, The opportunity to discover capabilities. ~It is the challenge to know and not-know~ Hardship is a blessing, not a curse, It’s a sign that you’re believed in, go with the flow. To recognize the blessing is your responsibility, Enjoy the moment toContinue reading “Hardship is a Blessing, Not a Curse”

Life Doesn’t Wait, Life Offers

Change inevitably happens Life doesn’t wait until we feel ready. We tend to think that it’s unfair, Yet, Life never offers what we can’t handle. Truth stings and turns us to look for the other way, Life doesn’t wait until we feel ready. We don’t feel ready to face what is, Yet, Life never offersContinue reading “Life Doesn’t Wait, Life Offers”

For Your Life, You are the Best

Experiences challenge, Raise questions that start a search. Temptation to turn away and wish for another, Offers loss to keep going. ~For your life, you are the best~ Emotions speak riddles, Raise the subconscious to be faced. Temptation to blame and turn away from truth, Offers a chance for self-understanding. ~For your life, you areContinue reading “For Your Life, You are the Best”

Life is Found in Loving Me

I’m forty-two and I grow younger every day. Every year that passes delivers experience, The weight of uncertainty growing lighter with acceptance, Freedom is found in being me. I go slow to appreciate more, Searching, while understanding that not everything goes my way. I flow with the changes that happen every day, Joy is foundContinue reading “Life is Found in Loving Me”

Let Go of Trauma

Anguish dwelled upon creates more anguish. Pains from past held onto develops more pain. Wishes without soul are hollow wishes. Refrain from acceptance, meet more refrain. Shock unwelcomed will remain as a shock. Damage nurtured will fester more damage. Smock what is, knowing life can’t wear a smock. Stage what was to forever live thatContinue reading “Let Go of Trauma”