Fill Your Fate with Dreams and Desires

Born with a life plan, everything is fate But what happens when we are given choice? Can the deciding factor be feeling? Can we follow our hearts without duty? Only you decide your enjoyment Tap spirit to unfold your desires As life evolves, so changes desires Sometimes, we reconsider our fate The greatest reward isContinue reading “Fill Your Fate with Dreams and Desires”

Desire a Positive Change in the World

Desire a positive change in the world. Refrain from making judgements of others, Make a choice based on what you can do. Believe that one action will grow to become whole. Refrain from making judgements of others. Remember that we are all humans making an effort, Not fully knowing the process to which we participate.Continue reading “Desire a Positive Change in the World”

Hope to Find a Blossom

I climb the hills, Hiking over branches entwined from the past. I hold hope to find a blossom planted many years past, Hoping to be reminded that hard work pays off. When I reach the clearing, Thorns and sharp wires meet my view and touch. It takes much effort to reach you, My love forContinue reading “Hope to Find a Blossom”