A Mother Offers Hard Love

The lioness roars, Setting her rules in place. She doesn’t know what will be, She only listens to what she feels. Her cub wanders away, She picks them up by the neck, Putting them in place to learn. She’s not always soft or approachable. A mother offers hard love, She does what she can toContinue reading “A Mother Offers Hard Love”

I am Not Alone on My Journey

I was a scrap piece, I need to feel loved. Help me see purpose, Lead me where you may. ~ I am not alone on my journey ~ Soft breeze whispering, Make space for the greatness of all. An abundance of love surrounds you, Lighting the night sky. The first lines of poems I postedContinue reading “I am Not Alone on My Journey”

The Years Fly By

The years fly by, The memories hover near. All is a present from the past, A supportive carrier to move forward. There is no more asking why, No other purpose but to celebrate with cheer. What comes doesn’t feel likely to last, Yet, every occurrence is a reward. I’m grateful to try, It’s success toContinue reading “The Years Fly By”

I am Not Who I Was

I have walked through many lives, And I am not who I was, I’m always searching and grateful to have survived. I have walked through many lives, Some principles of being abides. Past struggles are what was, I have walked through many lives, And I am not who I was. Inspired by the first linesContinue reading “I am Not Who I Was”