March, Month of Rebirth

For the month of March, I’ve chosen rebirth as my theme for the month. For me, rebirth is the acceptance of death (or an ending), the process of letting go and the opportunity to grow into more. Life offers many cycles that begin and end, and each cycle is abundant with gifts to appreciate. WhenContinue reading “March, Month of Rebirth”

Life’s Major Changes

Life’s major changes are your cues Discover you! Don’t search reasons, That’d be treason.   New chapter, self-discovery, -Recovery- Let go of old; Dare to be bold!   The many gifts you’re bound to find, Choose to unwind! Embrace the now, Live anyhow!   Life’s major changes are subtle cues that change is required andContinue reading “Life’s Major Changes”

True Nobility

  Sally was retired and now wondered what role she had in life. Her daughter, Mandy, had her own job and was soon moving out. Despite her support, Sally felt Mandy no longer wanted to be around her, as they often erupted in disagreement. One day, Sally said, “You know, Mandy, after 28 years ofContinue reading “True Nobility”