A journey of not-knowing, Open your mind to enthusiasm and discovery. -Enter with curiosity and joy- Do what you can with love, Parenting. A vortex of memories, old and new, Open your heart with compassion. -Enter to uncover wisdom through fault- Proceed without set expectation, Parenting. An adventure for learning, Open the gates, prepared toContinue reading “Parenting”

When You’re Open to Learn

To correct is assuming perfect, -Denying not-knowing- Listening without respect, Too caught up in proving. Open the realm of your attention, Absorb the various gifts to earn. You decide what’s worthy for retention. There is no perfect when you’re open to learn. Failure isn’t a flaw against you, It’s a charm to add to character.Continue reading “When You’re Open to Learn”

Learning Who You Are

Submitted to dVerse Learning who you are A lifetime journey Filled with adverse changes We don’t want to end Various aspects Slow discoveries Adventure on your own Individually Consistent learning Something new each day Progressive achievement To know who you are Educational College for us all Search for new paths to see Never end growing

The Many Things Life Throws Our Way

Many things to look back upon And the chances to start anew So many ways to look upon it And only specific ways we want true   Many options from which to choose Which is right for us to follow? We cannot predict what will come We can only follow our instincts now   TheContinue reading “The Many Things Life Throws Our Way”