Detachment Looking from outside Learning without much involvement Care from afar To not confuse We can’t be involved in every situation, no matter how much we care. Detachment is a way of learning from the situation without including ourselves where we aren’t necessary. Though indifference is assumed as not caring, it’s the hardest form ofContinue reading “Detachment”

Take It As Is

Recover, Without a set plan, Aim to discover anew. Drop the pressure, Take it as is. Live your life, No expectations. Set only your heart’s call, Honest in thought, Pure intentions. As I have now chosen to continue my recovery without a set plan, I find that there is more chance for discovery and lessContinue reading “Take It As Is”


Superfoods, Wonders from nature, Sustaining sources that nourishes. To each their own, Appreciate. Choose your own , Find what best fits you, Notice the gifts provided. Respect the source, Give thanks to kin. Though I feel that the term ‘superfoods’ has been overused in advertising, I believe it refers to the sources of food foundContinue reading “Superfoods”


Transition, Before beginning. Scout the new before entering, Ask all questions, Looking beyond. Acceptance, To experience Flowing with growth where it takes you, Remain open, Hold no judgments. Willingness, Set with intention. Be joyful in mind and spirit, Unite with all, Grow alongside. I wrote this thinking about the transition I feel happening and reflectingContinue reading “Transition”

Faith Remains

Faith remains, Incentive for growth, Anchor that grounds in challenges. Found within me Fuel for the soul Thoughts scatter, Awakens questions. ~Search for what feels right will hold me~ Discovering, Awakening. Lost, a stage, For revelation. An adventure while not-knowing, New beginnings, Growth by trying. I wrote this thinking about how grateful I am toContinue reading “Faith Remains”