Wisps of Smoke

Watching wisps of smoke rise, Dancing gracefully in the air. There’s beauty as they strive to blend.   Arms reaching out to all within reach, Surrendering self to unite as one. They enhance with the scents they send.   Weaving a calm serenity with their dance, Inspiring patience as the flame burns its course. TheContinue reading “Wisps of Smoke”

What Makes a Good Life?

  Hearing Robert Waldinger talk about a study on happiness was an inspiration for me. As a millennial, my vision is often muddled by fame and money, yet no happiness is felt when I follow. Connection and relationships have always fueled me, and I was happy to hear how it is a great investment forContinue reading “What Makes a Good Life?”

PRESS ON — Full Of Roses Inspirationals

A beautiful video to inspire perseverance from Full of Roses Inspirationals! I have been writing poetry since I was 32, that was twenty years ago when God gave me the gift at a retreat! After years of sharing this gift It has been put to music by two producers I met, Michael Feifer and BrandonContinue reading “PRESS ON — Full Of Roses Inspirationals”