3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Everything You Do

I found Stacey Abrams’ speech to be a motivation to continue knowing myself and the purpose behind my actions. Understanding, of ourselves and our surroundings, moves us forward and makes it possible to meet all obstacles.  There are always possibilities when we take time to connect with our selves.

Why We Must Stop Dancing to the Sound of Our Own Oppression

I like how Madame Gandhi’s message drew my attention to the messages in music that are too often overlooked because we enjoy the sound. Lyrics have always been important to me, and I would want to support positive lyrics to prevent unnecessary turbulence in times of enjoyment. Pay attention to your vibe and dance whenContinue reading “Why We Must Stop Dancing to the Sound of Our Own Oppression”

Three Ideas, Three Contradictions. Or Not

I was inspired by Hannah’s speech because I related to how she fought to find who she was, how to share herself and found her rewards by daring herself beyond what she was taught. It’s difficult finding the purpose of our human and I attest that choosing to connect with others and taking time toContinue reading “Three Ideas, Three Contradictions. Or Not”