Individual Respect

Inspired by 2 Albert Einstein quotes: “Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.” “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.” Everyone should be respected as an individual Doing what they do when they can Recognized for who they are, Not on what they do. No one should notContinue reading “Individual Respect”

What is Maturity?

Mature is an adjective meaning complete in natural growth or development. In society, it’s assumed that everyone should reach maturity at the age of eighteen. Though it has become a social standard, what does it truly mean? If each individual is unique with their own life path, why do we expect maturity in a certainContinue reading “What is Maturity?”


What is creativity and how is it an essential ability for a person to practice? Creativity is the ability to exceed traditional ideas with clever restructuring. A person uses their established intelligence resourcefully to develop new things. Creativity is an eccentric form of expression that will not be understood by everyone. It is a motivationContinue reading “Creativity”


They say to look inside and try not to allow external factors to cloud the mind, but what does that mean? In my life, I’ve been intrigued with the journey within and the abundance of gifts found. I’d like to share my understanding of what choosing to be internal is about. I’ve learned that lookingContinue reading “Internal”